Here With You
Fanfic by Hannah for Clumsy Cuddlers 100th thread
Rating: G
Pairing: Implied Joe/Demi (Joe-centric)
Summary: He was heading straight from a concert in Florida to Canada to see her again.
A/N: While listening to "Then" by Brad Paisley, I couldn't help but wonder what would their relationship look like in a couple of years... Everything's sort of implied here, no names, no real details. But I had Joe and Demi in mind when I wrote it.

Despite the fact that their popularity had decreased in the past few years, he knew he was blessed to have an audience right now. Teen phenomenons had a tendency to turn up as "Has Beens" on reality shows, but he and his brothers were fortunate enough to still be making records, selling out concerts and having the time of their lives playing the music that they loved.

But mostly he was just thankful he had a solid relationship that had lasted for years.

It was because of this relationship he was on a plane, heading straight from a concert in Florida to Canada. Two and a half hours and he was literally flying solo. In the end it would be worth it.

He managed to freshen up a little on the plane; an extra set of clothes had been packed along with some cologne so he wouldn't stink. Not that he thought she would mind it too much, she never had problems wrapping herself around him straight after a performance. No, but he wanted this to be perfect. As perfect as it could get at least.

Stepping off the private jet, he made his way to the car waiting for him. No driver, it had been ages since they'd hired one. A couple minutes after midnight he pulled up at the hotel, getting out of the car while speed-dialling her number. He couldn't help the slow smile that spread on his lips as she picked up after the third ring, her bubbly voice filling his ears.

"Shouldn't you be asleep, missy?" he teased.

"Shouldn't you?"

He laughed freely, crossing the lobby of the hotel, nodding briefly to the receptionist looking intently at him. "I'm too wired."

"I bet," came her reply. There was a slight pause. "Why did you turn off your phone? I tried it before but it went straight to voicemail."

He smiled as the elevator doors opened with a soft 'ping'. As cheesy as it sounded, the best part about playing concerts was hearing her voice afterwards. She never failed to call after the show when she couldn't be there in person.

"I had to take care of something."

"What something?"

"Just something."

He caught sight of the wide smile on his face in the mirror above the panel of buttons and nearly smiled even wider. Her voice just made him happy, even after being together for years and being friends even longer.

"So what are you up to, honey? Missing your talented boyfriend who, I hear, is very, very gorgeous and really missing his beautiful girl right now?"

He laughed softly at the silence. He knew it was a good kind of silence, the kind where her eyes softened, her lips stretched in a lazy smile and her cheeks tinged pink. His favourite kind of silence.

"Baby?" he asked as the elevator doors pinged open again and he stepped out into the hallway, soft carpet cushioning his steps.

"You can't say that when you're two and a half hours away and I can't hug you," she replied softly, her breath a little louder than before.

His steps unconsciously slowed down as he closed his eyes and sighed deeply. Her voice told him all the things she didn't say; how she missed him, how much she loved him, how badly she wished they were together more often, together right now. And he knew she was pressing the phone closer to her ear like it would bring him closer to her. It was one of her quirks that he adored.

"Your phone will be tattooed on your cheek soon, baby," he said softly.

"I know. I just miss you."

"Of course, why wouldn't you?"

She exhaled, laughing softly. "Because your ego doesn't need to be stroked more?" she teased him.

"Maybe something else-"


He laughed loudly. "Sorry, baby."

"Why am I in freaking Canada and you're in freaking Florida?" she asked. He could almost see the pout on her face.

"Because you're shooting a movie which is conveniently located in Canada and I just played a concert in Florida," he replied cheekily. "Now, what I need you to do is to go to your door and hug the person behind it."



"There's no-one at-"

He bit his lip, trying to contain his smile, as she broke off in the middle of the sentence as a faint knock was heard. He lowered his fist from the smooth wood and, rocking on his feet, brushed down the front of his shirt.

"So go open, silly."

It took her about two seconds to yank the door open and process that he was standing right in front of her. Then, before he knew it, he had his arms full of his girlfriend. She'd managed to nestle herself into her favourite spot, nose buried in his neck, arms tightly around his waist. His own arms immediately went around her body and he revelled in the feeling of having her close again.

"I can't believe you're here," she mumbled against his neck.

Shivering at her warm breath on his skin, he tightened his grip her. "I'm here."

"You're here."

He breathed in her scent, feeling content at last. A part of him could never settle down if she wasn't around. She pulled away a moment later, grasping his hands, their fingers naturally intertwining. He smiled tiredly at her, her eyes shining with that spark that made her unique.

"Come on, baby."

Nodding, he followed her as she backed into her room. The door shut behind them with a soft click, but all he could think about was her; her hands in his, her slow smile, and her eyes locked on his.

"I can't believe it's been six years," he told her, whispering as she manoeuvred them both into the soft bed without letting go of his hands.

"Six years to the day since we met."

He smiled briefly at her, letting his hand wander over the curve of her body, settling on her lower back, pulling her closer. "Come so far..."

"We're here now."

He smiled softly at her admonishing tone. He knew she knew he thought about the mistakes they'd both made coming to this point. All the respective partners they both went through before they realised the perfect half was right there all along. She'd realised it sooner than he had, but his fall in love was deeper, more intense. Just the way he liked it.

He pressed a soft kiss to her lips, letting his lips say all that he couldn't, that she wouldn't let him. Unhurried - they had all night - and soft, it was the perfect reunion.

"We are, baby, and I'm so thankful for it."