Kiss the Girl
Fanfic by Cammy for Clumsy Cuddlers 50th thread

Madison’s POV.

My sisters and I are going over to Casa de Jonas (see dad I’m using Spanish) so that my older sisters can hang out with Kevin, Nick and Joe. I’m only coming along to see the Cheese to my Mac the Peanut to my butter… Okay you get the point my best friend Frankie (the coolest Jonas duh). I see my sister Dallas re-apply her lip gloss (she has a thing for Kevin) in the drivers seat mirror. My other sister Demi is messing with her hands and biting her lip a telling sign she’s nervous. A lot of you probably wondering why my big sister is so nervous I mean she is like their Best Friend…. Well you see she has HUGEST crush on Joe (I’m talking Mount Everest Big), but will she tell him? No. Because she thinks he only likes her as a friend. Frankie and I have tried everything short of pushing them in a closet and having Big Rob stand in front. Hmm, maybe that will work. Note to self: tell Frankie of this awesome plan. I was still plotting more fool proof plans for operation GJADT (Get Joe and Demi Together) when all sudden Dallas opens the car door for me. I unbuckle myself and head for the door. I have to wait for my slow poke sisters - you’d think since we are at their Crushes house they’d walk faster.

They finally make to the front door. Dallas is on my left checking her outfit - she’s in a cute sweater, jeans and boots. She is totally dressing up for something. (Note to self: watch to see if Kallas is acting strange). And my sister Demi is wearing a red sweater dress with tights and cute bootie things she has (High heels Red Dress, yea sis you totally don’t like him*insert eye roll here*). She is totally nervous; I think she is actually shaking slightly. I see Dallas push the doorbell. I hear shuffling and hear the sound of laughter - Joe probably tripped or something. The door opens and immediately Joe has Demi wrapped up in his arms. Did I just see her leg pop? (Hello did they not watch the Princess Diaries? That means True Love). I look at Dallas to see if she is seeing the Jemi action that is going on but she’s in La La land more like Kevin land but whatever. Frankie is making kissy faces at both Jemi and Kallas (Joe and Demi and Kevin and Dallas) I try not to giggle but fail miserably.

I push past the Lovato/Jonas love connections and stand next to Frankie. I lean over to whisper in his ear: “What are going to do tonight Frank?” He smirked and replied: “The same thing we do every night Maddie. Try to get Jemi together.” I laughed because he sound like an evil scientist. I look up to see our sibling minus Nick (where is FroBro anyway?) smirking at us. Joe winks at Frankie and teasingly says: “Tank did you use one of my lines? They always kill the ladies.” Okay ewww! Frankie is my best friend we are Just Friends (don’t even say like the song) plus I’m seven and he’s eight, hello. We both roll our eyes at our siblings. 

I see Kevin grabbing a jacket and taking Dallas’s hand and going out I guess on a date (so Kallas is together - score I don’t have make a plan for that one!). Joe takes Demi’s hand, and they go into the living room, I guess they are going to exchange gifts. Frank and I already did that, he got me some Webkins and some other cool stuff. Frank and I go up the stairs to his room and we pass by Nick’s room. I go in to give my second favorite Jonas a hug (hello Frankie is the 1st). I see that he’s Web chatting with Alyson (hmmm is something going on between these two? Hmm). Nick kinda shoos us out, but politely of course. Yep a little Nick/Alyson love connection is happening, I think.

Oh well. We continue our journey to Frank’s room to get our supplies for our mission. We get a video camera to record any cute Jemi moments and a remote control that controls everything in the living room (to set the mood). Frankie is digging through his stuff for his cool ear pieces so we can keep in touch. We slowly creep back down stairs and press ourselves against the wall and peer into the living room to see Joe and my sister all cuddly on the sofa. (Omg! Yes! Okay now we just need him to admit his feelings.) Joe is whispering in my sister’s ear making her giggle (Frankie better be recording this oh never mind he is). My sister starts telling Joe about her break up with Alex (this singer dude from The Cab, nice guy just not Joe). How she thinks that the reason they didn’t work is because she has feelings for someone else. (Hello Joe, that person is you!) He starts talking about his break up with Taylor about how he liked this other girl but she was with someone (cough My sister cough) so he didn’t want to ruin it for this person. So he started dating Camilla Belle (they look related so it looks awkward) but he thinks he should tell the girl he has feelings for the truth. (Yay! Santa, thanks for granting my wish early!)

I look over at Frankie and do a double take because Nick is next to him smirking at the sight. I guess he’s in on the plan. He tells us that he has a little surprise of his own. Hmm what can that be?

Oh well back to the Jemi love action. My sister is biting her lip and whispers: “Who is that lucky girl?” and I hear Joe reply: “You.” I see Nick press the remote, and Sebastian’s (from the Little Mermaid) voice rings out.

There you see her
Sitting there across the way
She don’t got a lot to say
But there’s something about her
And you don’t know why
But you’re dying to try
You wanna kiss the girl
Yeah Joe, listen to Sebastian and kiss my sister! My sister and Joe start laughing and both are blushing so bad .Joe is looking for the remote to turn it off. Nick J is off the Chain - best surprise ever!!
Yes, you want her
Look at her, you know you do
It’s possible she wants you, too
There is one way to ask her
It don’t take a word
Not a single word
Go on and kiss the girl
I stifle a giggle as Joe looks down at my sister’s lips and slowly leans down and their lips meet (yes finally I feel like I’m watching Shane and Mitchie kiss at the end of Camp Rock!). They start kissing more passionately as the rest of the song continues on, but Nick shields our (mine and Frankie’s) eyes so I don’t know what else happened.

Nick coughs loudly and the two part (What are you doing FroBro? Seriously ruining my Jemi moment!) and asks the all-important question: “Are you two dating?” (Okay you redeemed yourself with that one Nicholas.) My sister showing off her two million dollar smile, laces her fingers with Joe’s and replies: “Ummmm… Yes. This is embarrassing.” Joe puts his arm around her waist and laughs. “Well Sebastian said to kiss the girl, so I did.”

Operation Get Joe and Demi Together is a success! Frankie and I, being the mature kids we are, bust out with “Joe and Demi sittin’ in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes Love, then comes marriage, then comes Joe in the baby carriage”. We got chased around the room by Joe while Nick and my sister, who was blushing, laughed as we kept singing while Joe chased us out of the room.

- - - - -
Happy 50th Guys!!!