Fanfic by Stina for Clumsy Cuddlers 50th thread

Sweaty palms? Check. Erratic heartbeat? Check. Butterflies in her stomach? Check. Demi was nervous. It was her first time performing live with the Jonas Brothers. Sure she had know them since they had filmed Camp Rock but she had never sung in front of a live audience of over 5,000 people in Epcot’s Wide World of Sports Arena with them. Not only were there fans out there but tons of Disney stars including her ex-boyfriend. How was she going to do this without having a minor heart attack? Wiping her hands on her jeans she walked over to the mini sitting area, tripping over the couch opposite and plopped down on the only chair in the room, an overstuffed armchair that looked like it belonged in another decade and closed her eyes reciting the lyrics to her song in her head trying to calm her nerves while also refreshing her memory. This Is Me wasn't like one of her other songs like Stronger or Trash. She hadn't written it so it wasn't as easy to remember but she loved it like it was her own. It had been so amazing that first time she had heard it with the added vocals. She had squealed and had called her best friend Selena on the spot. What fun they had had while exclaiming over how hot Joe was and she wondered just what it would be like to actually be in character as Mitchie and sing with him.
A knock on her dressing room door woke her from her reverie and she heard a friendly voice calling her name. Kevin! He’ll know what to do to calm my nerves.
“Come in.”
“Hey sweetie,” he said as he came and sat down on the couch across from her. He seemed so assured of himself and calm where as she couldn't keep her hands from shaking. Clasping her hands tightly in her lap she sighed resignedly.
“Kevin, I’m so glad you came. These nerves are getting the best of me. I can’t even enjoy the fact that it’s my first performance. It’s like my stomach is in knots and I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack or throw up,” she said groaning and dropping her face into her hands, “You probably didn’t want to know that.”
Hearing a choked laugh she quickly lifted her head to stare at Kevin. His mouth was shut tightly, eyes sparkling in amusement, his body shaking with tears running down his face. He raised his hands in a placating motion. Wiping his eyes he got up to kneel in front of her and grabbing her hands. “You should know I would never laugh at you.”
“Uh-huh sure,” Demi muttered, rolling her eyes. But she quickly relented and gave him a small smile.
“Do you have any advice?”
Leaning back against the couch he looked down at his lap with a frown on his face, created a wrinkle between his eyebrows that, if she hadn't have been so upset over the fact that she was about to be on stage for the first time, she might have laughed at how serious he looked.
“I'm sorry. Being nervous is a perfectly acceptable reaction to your first time on stage. Just know that I’ll be there. Always. You have my support and know that I am so proud of you. Over these last couple of months you've become like a little sister to me and I'll do everything in my power to make this first performance the best for you."
“That’s so sweet. I can’t wait to get out there and jam with you. Thanks Kev,” getting up from her seat she wrapped her arms around his waist and gave him a big squeeze.
“You’re welcome. And you'll do fine. Don't doubt yourself for a second. I'll see you out there."
Giving her a kiss on the cheek, she still felt a curdling feeling in her stomach. Sitting down at her dressing table she drummed her black fingernails against it. Well, I might as well get changed into my outfit. Stepping towards a silver rack near the door she pulled out the orange tank and blue sparkly blouse that she would be wearing along with a white blazer with black trim and her black pants. Changing quickly she sat down once again, allowing the stylist, who had just come in, to fix her hair while the makeup artist, removed the makeup she had applied that morning and got to work.

The creak of the dressing room’s door hinges were heard again as Nick stepped into the room. Already dressed in his concert attire he was very calm and casual. She recognized the look on his face as one of worry but she dismissed the thought as she watched the "beauty" crew walk out the door. Giving herself a last glance in the mirror she turned to him wondering what he was up to.
“Hey Demi, Kevin told me you were feeling a little nervous so I brought you something or someone.”
Peeking her dark, curly head around the door jamb was her best friend. Jumping out of the vanity chair she rushed across the room towards her best friend.
“Sel! There you are,” she exclaimed as they hugged tightly and she relaxed at the thought that Selena would also be off stage cheering her on.
“You’ll do fine Dem. Just remember not to stare into the stage lights like a deer on the highway.”
“Thanks Sel. You always know how to make me laugh,” she said with a giggle.
“Of course I do! What else are BFF’s for?"
"Hmmm. Sleepovers and impromptu makeovers?" Giggling she grasped Selena's hand and gave it a squeeze which Selena replied with in kind. Feeling so thankful for having such a great best friend she wrapped her arms around her once again. Looking over Selena's shoulder she noticed Nick looked a little awkward standing across the room pretending he didn't notice the girls. Demi knew he wasn't an overtly demonstrative person and was probably a little embarrassed by the show of affection between the friends.
The sound of scraping feet were heard on the linoleum as Steve, the backstage director, stopped outside the door. “Ten minutes to stage Miss Lovato, Mr. Jonas. Miss Gomez, I think it’s time for you to leave as well. Go out and enjoy the performances.”
“I’m going, I’m going. Good luck Demi! Have fun! I'll see you onstage after and if not I'll meet you at the hotel later,” she said as she exited the door giving a quick wave to Nick before she was gone.
“Hey Demi, let it be your anthem, not just Mitchie’s. You’ll do fine,” said Nick with a pat on her shoulder. Walking out the door he passed by Joe who was coming in. “See ya in five bro,” he said as he shut the door with “Demi Lovato” on it.

Seeing Joe her heart started to speed up again. He looked hot, as always, in his dark gray suit and bright yellow tee. Always willing to mix it up. Of course he didn't look the least bit nervous always cocky that one.
“I heard someone whose name starts with “D” has a little case of the nerves,” he stated as he sauntered into the room.
“Little! I can’t sing in front of all those people. What if I trip? You know how accident prone I am and what if I forget the words?”
“I’ll just have to sing both parts while you are in awe of my wonderful mezzo soprano,” he chuckled while taking a stance with his arms raised like a  opera singer.
”Quit it! You’ll make me laugh.”
“That’s what I’m here for babe.”
“Just stop kidding with me,” she said with a quiver in her voice. Feeling tears prick her eyes. Oh stop acting like a baby Demi. What will he think!
Sobering quickly he grabbed her by the upper arms and pulled her in for a tight hug. She started at the new development. They had never been that close before. Sure he had hugged her and flirted with her while they were filming and hanging out but this was different. They were flush against one another, his scent filling her nostrils, and if she listened hard enough over the pounding off her own heart she could hear the steady thump of his. The feel of being in his arms comforted her like she would have never believed. Where had that thought come from? Friends didn’t feel this way about one another. She blushed wondering what had come over her. All she knew was that she was glad that he couldn't see her. How embarrassing.
“It can’t be all that bad,” he said softly into her ear sending a shiver down her back.
“Yes it can," her voice muffled by his shirt as she hid her face near his neck. Man did he smell good and his arms were warm and firm where they rested on her back.
“You’ll do just fine. You always do even when you’re just singing in the car. And I’ll be right on that stage beside you. I won’t let you mess up or embarrass yourself. We’ll knock their socks off.”
“Now,” he said as he kissed her temple, “let’s get out there and show them what you’re made of.” Loosening his arms he gave her a quick look which she replied to with a smile.

Checking her hair and makeup in the mirror for any messes stemming from her mini meltdown she noticed that she no longer felt nervous but excited. This will be fun. Turning to walk out the door she gave a little squeal of excitement and delight. Maybe it was for the performance that was drawing even nearer or maybe just maybe it was for the moment that she had just shared with Joe. Who knew liking a guy could be so rewarding? A grin plastered across her face she left her dressing room to join with the rush of  band members, sound technicians and assistants as they hurried to accomplish last minute instrument tuning, mike checks and fixing wardrobe malfunctions. Feeling the weight of Joe's arm around her shoulders she glanced up at him and saw that his expression mirrored hers. Walking down the corridor with him she heard the screams of fans grow and grow until the sound was deafening. Coming up beside Nick and Kevin their guitars strapped across their bodies she gave them each a quick cheek kiss silently thanking them for helping her.

"Hey, where's my love?" Joe teased. Laughing she grabbed her mike from his hand and gave him a wink. The last thing she saw before she headed toward stage right was the sight of his shocked face.
The beginning strains of This Is Me echoed through her earpiece as she stood in the middle of the stage. Staring off into the crowd she saw thousands of fans screaming, calling out to their friends and moving to the beat of the music. The stage lights flashed bright colors across the grounds while the camera crews filmed footage to be displayed across the jumbo screens that were mounted on both sides of the stage.

Looking towards the front row she saw Selena blow her a kiss. Glancing to the wings she saw Nick and Kevin give her the universal sign of approval, a thumbs up, and Joe gave her a lazy smile and a wink just like she had given him. Beaming she turned and began to sing with all her might. Proving to all the concertgoers that she was a talented shining star.

No more hiding who I want to be
This is me

Suddenly the screams crescendo as her friends came onstage, the three hottest brothers around. Stepping back she let them have their moment to shine. Then right on cue she jumped in to sing her duet with Joe. Now that her boys were on stage and her best friend was in the crowd she was pumped up and she sang her heart out.

I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be now

Looking into his chocolate eyes she didn’t know why she had been so nervous. He was and always would be by her side.