Private Concert
Fanfic by Han for Clumsy Cuddlers 50th thread

It was really awkward shooting before lunch. Thankfully, the camera hadn't been on me, a blessing in disguise I'll tell you. Apparently Joe could handle awkward better than I could. But it was cold and windy and the whole cast and crew that *could* be there *was* there, all of them wearing ridiculous smiles on their faces.

I think I even heard a couple sighs and girlish squeals from time to time.

All because Joe Jonas was serenading me.

Okay, so fine, I could totally understand what all the sighing was for, I mean, he looked really good sitting there, strumming the guitar. Well, he wasn't *actually* strumming, he wasn't allowed to. Fake it 'till he made it look good and authentic against the playback. But still... It looked really good.

That wasn't the awkward part, though. I wish it was, but it wasn't. The awkward part was how everyone kept staring at us as we were shooting. For some reason it made me nervous, all those knowing looks I kept getting. I messed up my relatively easy lines over and over despite the face that I wasn't the one on camera. Then Joe cracked a couple of his jokes and I was fine again.

If he for some reason couldn’t play his music anymore - a tragic even that should never ever happen - Joe could totally make a living out of making people feel better. He always had some trick up his sleeve to make people laugh.

Lunch was a rushed affair too, unfortunately. Apparently everyone wanted the scene done before too long. Something about rain or something. I didn't pay much attention, my stomach was protesting too much. Being dragged from a delicious meal practically before you're done can do that.

As we got back to the docks to start shooting again, I realised there were fewer people around. This time the camera would be on me so I was thankful for that. But there were still too many people around. Didn’t they have anything better to do? What was so interesting about this scene, anyway? It was just Shane singing to Mitchie.

Oh right. Joe Jonas is Shane.

Silly me.

To my surprise Joe asked for the playback not to be turned on as we got ready so start shooting. He jerked his head around a little, waving his hands around, apparently having some sort of secret guy-conversation with Matthew. What could he be thinking? And, most importantly, why?

Joe’s persuasion skills doesn’t only females work on, I realised when Matthew gave the thumbs up Joe started strumming the guitar for real. Then he started to sing.

I think this time around, *I'm* the one doing the sighing.

"Every time I think I'm closer to heart of what it means to know just who I am..."

I could feel my cheeks heat up as the song went on. Now I could totally understand why everyone was so keen to see this scene. Joe Jonas' voice on the playback was really good, the first time I heard it I was blown away by the emotion he put into it, but hearing Joe Jonas sing it live, and acoustically? That was magical.

I don't really like the phrase "magical", I always think when people describe things as so fantastic they're surely making it up. They're filled by an emotion but embellish it with the idea of the emotion and all of a sudden it's "magical". But hearing this song, hearing his voice filled with so much emotion and hearing it live... Magical was an understatement.

Before I knew it, Matthew had called cut. I had been so lost in the song, so lost in letting Joe's voice wash over me that I hadn't realised we were shooting at all. Meaning every single emotion I had was captured on film. I hadn't thought about the camera for a single second.

"Great job, Demi, very real. The awed yet bashful expression really worked. Can you do it again for me?"

Of course *now* was the time for all of my emotions to show in my face. I seriously needed to focus. I had a bunch of people watching me, watching my face in particular, and I space out? Bad. Very bad.

I nodded, though, agreeing to try to get that emotion again. I could feel my cheeks burn, I hadn't been acting worth a lick and by the look in Joe's eyes he knew that too.

Dang it.

"Let's go again, people! Quiet. And action!"

I tried to focus as Joe started playing the song again. I tried to focus on everything but the sound of his voice as he started singing again, but I knew I was pretty doomed from the start. He hadn't even gotten to the chorus for the first time before I caved and looked at him.

The look in his eyes was one of amusement. Had I been able to be myself I would have reached over and smacked him, do something to make his eyes stop twinkling at me, but I wasn't being me now, I was being Mitchie. Mitchie wouldn't slap Shane. Mitchie had a crush on Shane. So if Shane looked at Mitchie with amusement in his eyes she would be embarrassed and look away.

It took about two seconds for me to look back again. His voice kept pulling me in.

"I gotta find you..."

The final note hung in the air. I knew I had a line. Shane stopped singing and Mitchie was supposed to say something. I really, really wanted to know what that line was. But for the life of me I couldn't remember what it was.

Looking away from Joe's captivating eyes took willpower I barely knew I had, but instantly as I looked out over the beautiful water, my head cleared.

I looked back at Joe. The soft smile playing on his lips and the warmth in his eyes made me smile too. I very nearly sighed, but kept it to myself.