Truth or Dare
Fanfic by Maria for Clumsy Cuddlers 100th thread

Demi laughed uncontrollably at the boy next to her, Joe Jonas.
“That’s a lie, Joe” said the brunette girl in between laughs.
“It’s not Demetria” said Joe pretending to be mad at her. “Did you just called me a liar?” he asked pointing at her.
“Me…No” she said innocently. Joe shook his head amused by his best friend’s behavior. Joe and Demi met on the set of Disney Channel’s Original Movie `Camp Rock´ where they played each other’s love interest. Since they filmed the movie they got pretty close and Demi was just like part of the Jonas family. Joe’s parents adored her, Kevin thought of her as a little sister, Nick and her were `Writing Buddies´ as they liked to call it because they loved writing songs together and Frankie loved her. She really was part of the Jonas family.
But of all the brothers, Joe was her best friend and he hoped they could be so much more in the future. Because Joe Jonas was in love with Demi Lovato.
The way her brown eyes shined when she smiled, her contagious and adorable laugh, those oh so perfect legs he couldn’t stop staring at (like on HOB, man he loved the dress she wore that night). Joe was in love with Demi, but he was to afraid of rejection to tell her. And you could say : “Joe Jonas REGRETED??!! That’s impossible ” But Joe and Demi were best friends, and Joe assumed Demi couldn’t see him as nothing else. And anyway, why would a girl as gorgeous as Demi Lovato choose him if she could have any boy she wanted?
That’s what got him there on that moment, laying next to a now calmed Demi Lovato with all his feelings bottled up not wanting anything more than to kiss her.
Joe used to ask himself how did being in love felt like, until he met Demi and all those questions were answered.
“Joe…” Demi’s voice bought him back to reality. “What are you thinking about?” she asked from her position on the floor of the Jonas’ living room.
“Nothing” he lied, something he had been doing around her for a while.
“Okay” she said unsure before a silence surrounded them again, and Joe couldn’t help thinking that even their silences sounded good for him.
“Joe!!” shouted Demi excited after some minutes of comfortable silence. Joe jumped a little at the sudden outburst.
“Yes, Dems?” he asked looking at her. She sat up and clapped her hands.
“I have an idea.” She said to him. “Why don’t we play truth or dare?”
“Truth or dare?” he asked surprised. “I haven’t play that in ages”
“Please Joey” she begged putting the puppy face she knew he couldn’t resist. “Pretty please”
He sighed. “Ok, but only because it’s you.” He gave in, getting comfortable on the floor.
“Yay!!” she said hugging him and kissing his cheek. He thanked the lights weren’t too bright because she’d have seen him blush at her actions.
“Ok, so who starts?” he asked. He at first didn’t like the idea but then he realized this could be the opportunity to find out if he had any chance with Demi.
“I’ll be good and I’ll let you ask first” Demi said to the boy at her left.
“Ok, Demetria Devonne Lovato…” started the black haired guy in a serious tone just like they use on TV shows or movies “what do you really think of Joseph Adam Jonas?” he asked something not to difficult at first.
“Oh, well.” She said smiling “I think he is the coolest guy ever and that he is a great friend and really sweet. But don’t tell him, he will get cocky.” She said laughing.
“My lips are sealed.” He said laughing also.
The girl next to Joe smiled and Joe could swear his heart was flying.
“Ok, your turn” said Joe when he finally spaced out of the fantasy he was having where Demi and him were making out on the couch and his hand was on her----- Stop it, Joe!! he ordered himself mentally.
“Well then Mr.Jonas” started Demi “Truth or Dare?”
“My middle name is Danger, baby” answered Joe with a low and sexy voice. “I go for a dare” he said getting closer to Demi until their lips were centimeters apart.
“I dare you …”said Demi while she looked at Joe’s lips. He smirked. “to run into a wall”
“What?” said Joe, his smirk turning into a frown. In reality, he had been hoping for an `I dare you to kiss me´ thing but not this.
“You heard me” smirked now Demi. “Or is Mr. DJ Danger to afraid to do it?” she asked teasing the long haired boy.
“Babe, DJ Danger is never afraid” said the 19 year old boy getting up and he started stretching and warming up. Demi laughed at this.
“Joe, you’re going to run into a wall, not run a marathon” she told him.
“Ok, Ok” he took some steps to separate himself from the wall and….PUM!! Demi started laughing uncontrollably as Joe lay on the floor after a hard hit with the wall.
“You actually did it” laughed Demi.
“I always do what I promise” Joe told Demi while laying on the floor.
They laughed , they smiled at each other, they flirted for another 15 minutes, not really caring about anything else than being with each other. They even had time to prank Joe’s brother Nick, that got mad because they interrupted the conversation he was having with his girlfriend (also Demi’s best friend) Selena on the phone. He told his girlfriend to hold on while he started chasing after the two pranksters. After 2 minutes of chasing around the house Nick went to talk with his girlfriend of almost year again, while Joe and Demi were laying on the floor again trying to catch their breaths.
“That was funny” said Demi looking at Joe.
“It was” he agreed. “And if I’m not mistaken it’s your turn” he said and she nodded. “So….” He urged.
“Truth or Dare?” Demi asked Joe.
“I think I will say Truth this time….” He decided.
“How does it feel to be in love?” she asked him and it took him by surprise.
“What?” Joe stuttered.
Demi sighed. “You heard me, Joseph” and she said again : “How does it feel to be in love?”
Not this, not now thought Joe. Not when I’ll have to explain how I feel about her.
“Well…” started Joe not really knowing how to continue.
“I think, because it’s really difficult to describe it, that you feel millions of things at the same time, like you feel you can fly,and you feel like you have butterflies on your stomach when that special person looks at you” he explained while looking at the beautiful girl laying with her eyes closed, wishing he could tell her that were the feelings she gave him. “and all you want to do is stay with that person, wrapped in a blanket looking at the stars and just admiring how perfect the other person’s body fits next to yours” he said staring at the girl made for him, while extending his hand touch her cheek.
When she felt Joe’s hand on her face she slowly opened her eyes and found Joe’s gaze on her.
“What?” she said while her cheeks turned into a light pink color.
“Nothing” said Joe smiling shyly at her.
“Is that how love really feels like?” she asked.
“Yes, it is” he said fully convinced. “I can tell you that’s how it feels like” he mumbled really slowly so she couldn’t hear.
“Joe..” said Demi, a smile appearing on her face.
“Yes?” “I think I’m in love, no actually, I know I’m in love”
Joe’s heart broke in two on that exact moment.
“What?” he gulped.
“I’m in love” she stated.
“Are you sure, Dems?” he laughed nervously “It could be just some crush, you know”
He couldn’t lie, he was actually trying to convince himself and not her that it was just a crush, because it hurt too much to think about Demi with another guy.
“Joe….I’m 100% sure.” She told him “I’ve been asking myself if it was really love but what you just said convinced me even more. When he’s close I feel like I can’t breathe because I’m intoxicated by his very presence, and when he is away I can’t breathe because of his absence.
When we hug I feel like the world stops spinning and nothing else matters.
And every time he’s close all I can think about is how would it feel to have his lips on mine”
She sighed dreamily. “Joe….I’m really in love” she finished.
The dark haired boy had tears on his eyes by the end of his best friend’s speech. All the hope he had about Demi feeling the same he felt was now vanished.
“It really does sound like love” he said wiping away his tears so Demi wouldn’t see him like that. There was a long silence and Joe turned to Demi to ask her why was she that silent, but instead he found the girl really close to him, her face mere inches from his.
“Can I tell you a secret?”she asked, and Joe unconsciously licked his lips and nodded eagerly.
“I’m in love” she said again and before he could say anything she bought a finger to his lips “Let me finish” she removed the finger from his lips and she stroked his cheek with her hand. She slowly and, in Joe’s opinion, seductively whispered in his ear “I am in love with you”
Joe’s heart started beating faster than in all his life.
Did he hear right? Was she really in love with him or was his mind playing tricks on him?
She must have seen the confused look on his face because she said really slow and only to herself “looks like I’ll have to prove it” before she crashed her lips on his.
The kiss was everything and more that they both have dreamt about, both of them putting all their emotions into it.
Joe put his hands on her hips and rolled over so he was on top of her tracing her curves with his hands, both of them involved in a tongue battle sometimes biting and sucking but most importantly : enjoying it.
When they both pulled away, lips swallowed and trying to catch their breath, they looked into each other’s eyes.
“See, I told you I was sure I was in love” said Demi to the boy. “I love you, Joe”
“I love you too, Demi” said Joe “And you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to do that”
The brunette girl blushed and giggled “Oh, believe me I think I know”
After a few minutes of silence, stolen kisses and them holding each other Joe’s voice broke the silence.
“So Demi, truth or dare?”